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Wait, what now? Tumblr made an easy gif maker? Cool.
p.s. Cat licking itself off screen but can see part of cat. Also Hey look it’s Garfield and Odie!

Wait, what now? Tumblr made an easy gif maker? Cool.

p.s. Cat licking itself off screen but can see part of cat. Also Hey look it’s Garfield and Odie!

1: I'm going to put something in your tumblr box.

2: Bow chicka bow wow!

Tumblr’n the line between real life and the imagination.

Facebook, Internet, The Grasp of Social Networks on our throats.

I am continuing to dislike Facebook more and more. They are only using all of us for our information, our likes, and all that. Of course we know about that, or at least we should, but when it comes down to it I ask myself “Why do we all use Facebook?” Obviously there are a good many reasons. Keeping up with people is the main one for the most of us. How could we just turn away? What would we do to contact people we know if we didn’t have Facebook any longer? Would we still keep in contact with them? It’s trivial. I interact with most of my friends on Facebook. If I left there wouldn’t be many that I would interact with. At least, it would be a lot less of them. So it’s hard to just leave when it comes to those reasons. As far as the site itself I want to leave it. I’m only staying for the friends and people who I only come in contact with through Facebook. It’s frustrating. I could talk every day about this. This same feeling. These same issues. It’s a great tool when it comes to contacting friends and family, but I hate it with a passion.

The problem for me isn’t so much with Facebook as it is with overusing it, along with other social networks, and the internet itself. Using the internet too much is just not healthy. It’s one of the things in my life that is killing me slowly. Sucking my life from my eyes. The internet. Without balance in using it, you will over use it. That’s my problem. My problem is with the internet. It’s one of my only addictions. It’s not drugs or alcohol, but it’s still a bad addiction. It’s still something that is sucking life out of me. It’s something that is distracting me. Yes there are the good things about the internet, but I’m talking about the bad now.





Choose your poison. Drink it slowly. Let it crawl around in you. Live off you. Suck you dry. If you don’t gain control over your usage habits your situation in the real world will deteriorate. If you don’t have a lot of life outside the internet you may be in trouble. You may dig yourself into a hole faster than other people. I know there is no reason why I should be online as much as I am. I’ve come to understand this and one day I am going to find my balance. Because that is what I want. If you want the same. Balance. Happiness. You have to take control of your actions. Your situation. Your usage habits. The internet is a giant black hole sucking us inwards. I’m tired of its grasp on my throat. I’m beginning to gnaw away at it with my teeth. It’s going to take some time, but I will get away. Life is too precious to just waste away in front of a computer. I’m realizing that more and more every day. When I get the rest of my life more straight I won’t be as addicted. I’m not going to let myself be. I will discipline myself. Not overindulge. I don’t know how it’s going to work, but that’s what I’m going to do. That’s my plan. I hope others who are in similar boats find a way to balance themselves as well. For balance is key to a lot of things. Happiness is the greatest of those things.


Someone who needs to turn the power button off.

You know what is sad? On Tumblr there are a ton more results for “your welcome” than there are for “you’re welcome”. Tumblr Grammar fail.

Grammar Nazi Robert

Me: Boom, now I have 8 blogs.

Tumblr: What?

Me: Yeah.

http: //evilralphwiggum.tumblr.com/

http: //bradjonesisawesome.tumblr.com/

http: //videogameclassics.tumblr.com/

http: //musichipsterslove.tumblr.com/

http: //moviecereal.tumblr.com/

http: //foodthatiwant.tumblr.com/

http: //advertisingpunch.tumblr.com/

http: //robertalley.tumblr.com/

Tumblr: Oh, good job there.

I just saw David Karp post this. @VCU

Reporter: How did you meet David?

Derek: I was in prison for hacking.

Derek: David was part of a "scared straight" program.

The founder of Tumblr David Karp (https://twitter.com/#!/davidkarp) is speaking at my college (VCU) in April. I’m totally going to go to it… if I get there in time for a seat.

"Karp will deliver the annual Turpin Lecture on Media Management and give an overview on the rapid growth and success of Tumblr as well his vision for social media. The event will kick off the School’s “Mass Comm Month,” which runs through April."

Also I just found out he’s 25.